If you are considering any alterations or additions to your home and garden space it is important to start planning early. This is especially important if any changes being made to the house impact on the garden design. Ideally the two disciplines should seemlessly meld together in to a cohesive and livable whole.

Good reasons for undertaking a home renovation:-

  • You like the area you live in and by renovating your existing home is a great way to get the kind of home you want while staying in an area you know and love.
  • You are looking to sell your home and by undertaking some well thought-out renovations will add value to the sale price and make it more attractive to potential buyers.
  • By renovating kitchens, bathrooms or adding on an ensuite or garage are a real plus’s in increasing the value and enjoyment of your home.
  • Renovating will allow you incorporate the features and styles you’ve always wanted and is a lot of fun.
  • It will allow you to introduce new technology, energy efficiently, indoor/outdoor flow and universal design.

There are of course are some disadvantages of renovating compared with building from scratch which can include:-

  • Costs can get expensive working around existing structures with all its challenges.
  • You may run into delays or extra costs due to unexpected problems (e.g. structural issues) that can’t be anticipated before you start.  
  • It may mean you need to move out whilst certain parts are being done which can add to the cost.


A rejuvenated garden is recommended for the following reasons :-

  • It will revialize and enhance the quality of both the aesthetic appeal and wellbeing of your home.
  • Budget considerations are of course important but a well designed and maintained garden will add value to your home in the short and long term. 
  • If you are looking to sell your home , the indoor/outdoor lifestyle along with street appeal is very important to any prospective buyer.