At our initial consultation, we discuss what stage you are at, ideas you may have, budget and timings. We then provide you with our no obligation fixed-fee proposal, outlining in detail the full scope of our services, including some initial design thoughts, budgets and timings.   


After a follow-up meeting and some detailed analysis, we will then present you with a written summary of your requirements and aspirations. Once approved, we commit your vision to paper.

Concept design

Here is where you begin to see your ideas come to life. Using the latest CAD software, we will present you with drawings and images to clearly communicate the design to you.


We meet to talk over the concept design(s) and establish how to make the project even better. Everyone has different needs and tastes. It is our job to refine the concept until you are fully satisfied with all aspects of the design.

Council approvals

We take care of it all, taking your design and then producing all the necessary drawings and preparing documentation to obtain a building consent, resource consent, certificates of compliance or encroachment licence from the council. Should your project require specific design, we will obtain quotations and timings from structural engineers on your behalf.

Project management

You may choose to have us stay on as your project manager or you may have an arrangement where your builder or landscaper is the project manager and we take on an overview role. We are also independently commissioned as project managers by clients, architects, structural engineers and planners.